Mitutoyo Surftest 211 Parts

Mitutoyo surftest 211 parts

By connecting this printer to the Surftest SJ-210's digimatic output, you can print calculation. Built in round part compensation function in new Mitutoyo Surftest. Parts are almost obsolete, but, we can sometimes find replacement. Parts for Repair Mitutoyo does not sell parts directly to end users. Surftest SJ-201 Series 178-Portable Surface Roughness Tester Series SJ series: FEATURES: THIS PRODUCT IS SOLD OUT/HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED; The display unit demonstrates. Part No : 996072 Dedicated Battery for the Surftest 211 EDM parts, etc. (Patent Registered in Japan).

Mitutoyo Surftest 211, Mitutoyo Surftest 212 Miutoyo SJ 201, Mituoyo SJ 202. MITUTOYO SURFTEST-211 SURFACE ROUGHNESS TESTER + ACCS in Business & Industrial, Manufacturing & Metalworking, Metalworking Tooling | eBay Description. Mitutoyo Surftest SJ 201, 201P, Mitutoyo Surftest SJ 202 Mitutoyo Surftest 211, Mitutoyo Surftest 212. PROFILOMETER ROUGHNESS GAUGE. Sold As-Is for repair or parts The items included are: Dedicated Battery for the Surftest 211.

Mitutoyo surftest 211 battery

Mitutoyo Profilometer 178-131A ? mitutoyo profilometer SJ-400 ? mitutoyo profilometer sj-400 battery ? mitutoyo surftest 211. MITUTOYO SURFTEST-211 SURFACE ROUGHNESS TESTER + ACCS.

I still had some juice left with the battery - 24 volt cordless. Condition: Power on test: Passed but the battery does not hold a charge (the unit must be plugged in continously). Power Supply - Nicad battery or AC adapter (9VDC, 500mA) Dimensions Drive.

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